I started wakeboarding about two and a half years ago. Board sports have always been a big part of my life, and once I started wakeboarding, I was hooked. It’s something I’m incredibly passionate about and it drives me to continue to progress in the sport.

During my first year of wakeboarding, I learned most of the intermediate inverts and began trying more advanced tricks. With my success, I began my second year of wakeboarding ready to begin competing. And with some dedicated effort, I was able to win the Georgia INT state championship in the advanced division, which was my goal.

Wakeboarder Jess Lucas

Team Sanos

Wakeboarder Jess Lucas, Team Sanos

When Sanos asked me if I would shoot a promo video for their website I was very excited. They have a really awesome product line and I was grateful to represent such a cool product. The idea of wood frame sunglasses is really awesome and they look so much better than just a normal pair of sunglasses. Wakeboarding is about being creative and innovative and Sanos’s glasses reflect that.

My long term goals for the sport are definitely to continue progressing as much as I can to eventually be able to earn my pro card and compete at a pro level. This upcoming season I look forward to competing at a higher level. I am really looking forward to what wakeboarding holds for me in the future.

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